Transition to Retirement

You have worked hard throughout your life and are 5 to 10 years from retirement and thinking about doing all the things you love.
It could be buying a beach house or taking that dream holiday.

If you have reached the preservation age (between 55 and 60) and have some superannuation already accumulated, a transition to retirement strategy could help you boost your superannuation savings without cutting back on your lifestyle.

It could even allow you to reduce your hours at work and supplement your reduced salary with income from your super.

Talk to us today about how we can help you to

  • make more tax-effective super contributions
  • reduce work hours whilst maintaining income
  • make property part of your retirement plan
  • understand contribution caps

There are costs and restrictions associated with super contribution and withdrawal limits so ease into retirement with a transition to retirement strategy with our specialist advice

Feel more in control of your finances

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