27 August 2014

Why I love dividends and you should too

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income from dividendsDividends are great for investors as decent dividends augur well for earnings growth, they provide a degree of security in uncertain and volatile times, they are likely to comprise a relatively high proportion of returns going forward and they provide a relatively stable and attractive source of income.

  • If dividends are allowed for the value of an investment in Australian shares has surpassed its 2007 record high.
  • It’s important that dividend imputation is retained in Australia to ensure dividends are not taxed twice and companies continue to pay out decent dividends.

Up until the 1950s most share investors were long term investors who bought stocks for their dividend income. This changed in the 1960s as bond yields rose on the back of inflation and investors started to shift focus to capital growth. However, thanks to the volatility seen over the last decade or so, and an increased focus on investment income as baby boomers retire, interest in dividends has been on the rise. Investor demand for dividends is clearly evident in Australia with even the big resource stocks starting to heed the call. This is a good thing because dividends are good for investors in more ways than just the income they provide.

It’s well-known Australian companies pay out a high proportion of earnings as dividends. This is currently 75%, and it’s averaged around this since the late 1980s. Banks, telcos, consumer stocks and utilities are the big dividend payers. By contrast in the major global markets dividend payout ratios range from 31% in Japan to 49% in the UK.

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