Elderly Parents

If you have elderly parents, you may be faced with deciding the best ways to support them as they age.
While the preference of many will be to grow old gracefully at home and be financially independent, the reality is this may not happen.

Everyone’s circumstances will differ. It may be the case that one parent is capable of staying in their home while another requires more support. Or it may be possible for an older parent to come and live with you or another family member.

We can help you work through the details with you to create a plan, which includes:-

  • Goals and aspirations
  • Income, spending, investments and major assets
  • Superannuation and tax
  • Effective aged care options
  • Financial decisions on funding of aged care
  • Centrelink pensions and aged care entitlements
  • Estate planning issues

With so much to consider it is important to seek advice to ensure that your individual situation is reviewed to ensure all the appropriate entitlements can be applied.

Our expert team can support you through the complicated maze of aged care.

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