Reaching Age 50

This is one of those events that you may not be too happy to experience but it often marks a strategic point in peoples lives.
You may have gotten on top of your mortgage, see your children leave home or at least becoming somewhat self sufficient through employment and the thought of retirement looms on the distant horizon for the first time!

We work with clients to review the strategies they should consider at this point which include:

  • Where and how to invest surplus savings tax effectively
  • Salary sacrifice or pay more off the home loan or a combination
  • Review insurances to meet your needs going forward
  • Review debt obligations across mortgage, personal loans and credit cards
  • Start considering some goals and estimates for retirement income and the capital required to fund that as well as the time frame involved

We will analyse what you are currently doing and see if there is any more than you can do.

With our professional financial advice we can put together a plan for you to get where you need to be.

Be more in control of your finances

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