16 July 2019

Dementia Awareness

By Michael Rambaldini

Director|Certified Financial Planner |Aged Care Professional

Dementia is on the rise in Australia and dementia related death is also increasing.

The rise in these cases is becoming so detrimental that the right support and services are essential to help people cope better with the changes that come with dementia.

Dementia occurs in the later stage of a human being’s life but the underlying causes do not happen in an instant. Vascular Dementia, which is referred to as the “second most commonly diagnosed type of dementia, and may account for 15-20% of all cases”*, is a result of stroke and considered as a chronic illness. The gradual or slow manifestation of this mental illness that accumulates over time and causes irregularities in a person’s behavior is completely overwhelming to the person suffering and to their carers.

The increasing number of people suffering dementia leads to an increased burden on the health system and families. There is a huge cost of dementia. The costs are attributed to informal care which is unpaid care provided by family and others, direct costs of social care (provided by community care professionals, and in residential home settings) and the direct costs of medical care (the costs of treating dementia and other conditions in primary and secondary care).

The changes caused by dementia can be debilitating. Witnessing a parent transition from being their own self into someone who is almost a completely different person can be devastating.

People are encouraged to seek support services from organisations such as Dementia Australia who can provide information, counselling and education.

For more in-depth discussion and information about dementia, please feel free to visit our website www.verante.com.au

Source: https://www.dementia.org.au/about-dementia/dementia-research/causes-of-dementia

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