12 June 2019

Dementia Risk Reduction

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By Michael Rambaldini

Director |Certified Financial Planner | Aged Care Professional

The continuing rise of dementia cases in Australia indicates that there will be around 1.1 million people who will be affected with this condition by the year 2050. This chronic disease is very alarming and detrimental to society. If not given ample attention, this number will have significant impact on many family members, friends and carers. It has now become the second leading cause of death in Australia.  

Part of the way to deal with this ongoing problem is to build a comprehensive risk reduction program.

An information drive and community awareness about dementia may help in the reduction of these cases in the future. Lifestyle, health factors, overall mental health and society’s response to dementia are some information that need to be disseminated to the public so that awareness reaches everyone.

Time factor is also relevant. We cannot afford to delay this awareness drive because each day, the number of dementia cases is rising and not stopping. The more people we can share information about dementia the better.

Within the household, if we have parents who are approaching old age and are most likely to be targeted by dementia, they should also know more about this disease. They must be encouraged to achieve their best health and wellness must be a priority. Also, being adequately informed about dementia and knowing its early symptoms will educate people in the community.

Being in the loop on the financial costs of dementia would help to keep everyone prepared on what to expect.

Proper financial preparation and budgeting must be tackled ahead of time and seeking the best professional help with a Financial Adviser is always beneficial and wise.

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