14 July 2015

How to Prepare For Aged Care

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Making the decision to transition a family member or loved one into an aged care facility is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make.

The process is also made more difficulty by the complex and often changing financial landscape that needs to be navigated.

To help you understand what’s involved in the aged care journey we have broken it down into four steps.

1. Understand Your Options

You will need to arrange an Aged Care Assessment (normally conducted by the Aged Care Asssessment Team). This is to provide access to permanent residential care, resident respite care or home care.

2. Research Aged Care Facilities

You will need to research and visit a number of facilities to determine what is suitable based on needs. You will then be required to apply to a number of your preferred facilities

3. The Financials

The financial options for aged care are the facility’s accommodation and the means tested care fee, daily care fees, government benefits, maintaining the family home for the spouse remaining at home. This can get complicated so it is important for you to be able to maximise entitlements and minimise fees.

With so much to consider – it is important to seek advice from our advisers can help you to ensure that your individual situation is reviewed to ensure all entitlements can be applied.

4. Manage Ongoing Obligations

Once in aged care, there are ongoing obligations that need to be considered, whilst also keeping up-to-date with government changes relating to government agencies and legislation.

Our expert team can support you through the complicated maze of aged care.

The author is an employee of Verante Financial Planning in Castle Hill, Corporate Authorised Representative of Magnitude Group Limited, Licence No 221557, Magnitude Group Limited ABN 54 086 266 202.