22 January 2013

The best time to take out health insurance is when you’re healthy

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The words ‘she’ll be right’ are etched into our vernacular, and nowhere are they more applicable than to the issues of men’s health.


Thankfully, the exposure and popularity of events like Movember have helped raise awareness and promoted discussion on the changing face of men’s health – specifically prostate cancer and mental health issues. Men are often indifferent towards their health when compared to women, who are more inclined to be proactive and open about their health issues. As a result, the levels of awareness and funding for men’s health issues lag significantly behind those for women.


Implications for insurance

Not only does it make sense to have a regular check-up, it’s also worth considering the insurance implications related to your health. Taking out insurance when you are healthy is very important. If you wait until a health issue arises, often you will be forced to pay higher premiums (known as a loading), or have certain health conditions excluded from a claim payment.


If the health condition is serious enough, you might be refused insurance altogether. All personal insurance contracts are guaranteed renewable up to a pre-determined age, such as age 65. This means that regardless of changes in your health, the insurer is obliged ach year to renew your coverage with no reduction in liability or extra loading.


Don’t ignore the warning signs

Heart health is a vital consideration when you head to the doctor for a check-up. Blood pressure should be checked regularly, even if there is no history of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke in your family. Once you turn 40, doctors will also normally order a regular blood test to check for any warning signs. Your GP will regularly monitor your weight because obesity is a significant risk factor in many health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For diabetes, a regular blood sugar test is advisable due to the many risk factors associated with this condition. If you are 40 or older, you should be even more vigilant about your health because diseases such as prostate cancer and bowel cancer are more prevalent among men in this age group.

There are no excuses; a lifestyle of healthy foods, regular exercise, no smoking and drinking in moderation will benefit you and your personal insurance. C’mon guys, it’s a no-brainer.


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