23 September 2019

What does the Rugby World Cup and Footy Finals have to do with retirement?

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By Michael Rambaldini

Director | Certified Financial Planner |Aged Care Professional

Professional footballers and professional athletes all have to retire someday.

Many athletes start their career as a struggling rookie and then find themselves quickly transitioning to a multi-millionaire professional, almost overnight. Handling all of the excess that can come from sudden wealth would be difficult for most people to handle, let alone a twenty something year old. 

Think about all the stories of lotto winners who go bankrupt after winning massive prizes.  History has proven time and again, that dealing with large sums of money without the proper financial education can have disastrous results.

The transition from worker to retiree isn’t too different than what these athletes go through. 

Think about it, on the day you retire, your life changes in a huge way.  And just like the rookies, you’ll be in charge of the largest sum of money you’ve ever had to deal with. 

The decisions you make will involve all of the assets and savings you’ve amassed during your lifetime.  Not to add any pressure, but those funds have to get you through the next 25-30 years of your life.

Working hard and saving money were only the beginning to the equation. Now you need a strategy to protect, grow, and distribute those funds.  You’ll be faced with decisions that require knowledge in the disciplines of investments, superannuation, insurance and the law. It’s easy to see how this enormous change can be overwhelming without the right guidance and preparation.

Unlike the rookies, you will not have a whole career ahead of you to repair major damage caused to your net worth because of bad decision making.  If a financial education program is deemed necessary for sports professionals, maybe it’s not a bad idea to seek some professional advice on your finances. 

So even if your dreams of making it to the RWC or AFL grand final never came true, you can prepare for retirement just like a professional athlete by getting educated in the world of personal finance.

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