13 August 2019

Who provides care when your carers can’t?

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By Michael Rambaldini

Director | Certified Financial Planner |Aged Care Professional

It’s great to have carers in place when family, friends or you need them. Relying on carers is common when you can’t provide care for loved ones who have limited function due to old age. The carer’s assistance is necessary for the elderly who need mobility and support throughout their normal daily routines.

We need carers because not everyone has the time or resources to provide care.

You have your own families to manage, you work long hours, run a business but you don’t have time to look after your elderly parents.

So, we rely on carers.

But who cares for your elderly parents when there are no carers? What if the carers need a rest as well? Or might need a holiday or days off?

Respite care is the best option.

Respite care is precisely the back-up plan for when carers need to temporarily attend to their personal time off. In replacing these carers temporarily, elderly parents are assured of continued care until the carers can report back to their duties.   

Some useful information on Respite Care:

  • Family, friends, neighbours or formal respite services managed by Government or Privately funded organisations can provide Respite Care.
  • The costs of Respite Care depends on the frequency and the type or level of care needed.
  • There is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government for aged care services but those who have enough funds are expected to pay for some of the costs of their care.
  • Residential Respite must be booked in advance and is assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).
  • Respite care can be used as a transition care from hospitalisation or when it is needed for a recovery period.  The duration can be as short as a few hours per week to overnight stays, weekends or longer breaks.

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