28 February 2019

Making Valuable Time with the Elderly

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By Michael Rambaldini

Director |Certified Financial Planner | Aged Care Professional

“What can I still do?”

“How can I make the most of my time?”

These questions would somehow cross the minds of our seniors and elderly, who in their frailty are longing for more quality time for themselves. When their bodies’ innate vigor has decreased because of the aging process, they are reluctant to get involved with activities that they used to enjoy during their younger days.

So many things are needed to be done but there are too many hesitations. Their emotional stability is also hanging on loose threads. Physical health issues almost always hinder them to take full control of what they want to do with the remaining years of their lives.

To The Family: Mental health problems such as Dementia and Depression are making your elderly loved ones too susceptible to many age-related challenges. Families who are taking care of them would feel really exhausted, confused and worried. But they too, need to stay strong so they can provide them support.

A positive mindset is the key to face and deal with these challenges. When the mind is relaxed, one’s thinking becomes clear and vivid. So make it a habit to have a positive attitude and apply it to every day circumstances.

Here are a few ideas in providing fulfilling quality time that you can share with your elderly family, friends and loved ones:1

Encourage them to travel or take a trip. Motivate them to take that much awaited trip that they keep on postponing while they can. There are many Domestic or International trips that they can take that are suited to what they want to do. Of course, considering certain limitations, they also might need to have a companion during the trip. Surely, they will feel rejuvenated after a trip with the family. The goal is to let your senior loved ones enjoy a seamless journey.

Make a daily routine but be sensitive to the emotional side of your loved ones. It is easier for us to follow routines and processes on how to help our elderly with their day to day living. But it can’t be helped when they feel bored or exhausted and they would prefer to do a different activity instead. Be more open-minded and considerate towards them.

It isn’t too late to start a hobby – Starting a new hobby is exciting and has profound benefits for the elderly. This stimulates their mind to be creative and spontaneous. A great hobby will make them feel purposeful and more self-confident.

Nurture health by being conscious on Wellness – A sound mind and body despite aging is truly an achievement. Discuss this with your elderly loved ones so they can allow you to help them manage a good training plan that will suit them and their needs

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