11 January 2019

Planning ahead for Aged Care

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By Michael Rambaldini
Certified Financial Planner
Aged Care Professional

The New Year traditionally is a time to reflect on the previous year and to plan ahead for the coming year. The holiday season is also a time when families get together. It’s an opportunity for families with elderly parents to identify and discuss issues with parents about their future welfare.

I see many people needing to enter aged care under stressful circumstances and urgent situations due to a medical condition. This often forces the family to make rushed decisions. They are often overwhelmed by the process, options, costs and funding of aged care.

To avoid this situation, it’s important for families to face the issues of aged care for their parents now.

Planning ahead enables elderly parents to transition to aged care with ease and dignity.

Professional guidance to the family can help make sense of the huge amount of information on aged care so that timely and appropriate decisions can be made.

The author is an employee of Verante Financial Planning in Castle Hill, Corporate Authorised Representative of Magnitude Group Limited, Licence No 221557, Magnitude Group Limited ABN 54 086 266 202.