20 December 2018

Aged Care at Christmas

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By Michael Rambaldini
Certified Financial Planner
Aged Care Professional

Christmas season is usually celebrated with family and loved ones, a special time of the year where we gather, share stories and updates about life – a new job taken, vacation plans or what-not.

For families that have parents who are elderly and are in aged care facilities, tradition might not be the same as everyone else’s. Needless to say, the level of patience and preparation one must undertake in these scenarios would never be easy.

How do I know these? Well, it is significant for me as I also have a first-hand experience with a family member who is suffering from Dementia and is now in an Aged Care facility.

As a Certified Professional Financial Adviser handling Aged Care related financial issues, I am committed to encourage people in all ages to stay in the loop of information regarding Dementia and how it greatly impacts families and individuals at present and the society as a whole.

Based on Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the number of deaths due to Dementia has been increasing and in 2016 it has replaced heart disease as a leading underlying cause of death for women. With this in mind, Financial Advice for Aged Care has never been more fitting and relevant than now.

If you want to seek advice for a comfortable retirement or talk to someone about your plans and measures for retirement or Aged Care, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 02 9894 1844 by phone or at michael@verante.com.au by email. Verante’s main office is located at Suite 5, 15 Terminus St. Castle Hill, NSW, 2154. You can also visit 1 Dight St. Windsor NSW 2756 and 40, 8 Victoria Ave., Castle Hill 2154 for your convenience.

The author is an employee of Verante Financial Planning in Castle Hill, Corporate Authorised Representative of Magnitude Group Limited, Licence No 221557, Magnitude Group Limited ABN 54 086 266 202.