29 January 2019

Emotional Approach to the Elderly with Dementia

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By Michael Rambaldini


Certified Financial Planner

Aged Care Professional

It’s difficult to imagine the life we’ve known and lived for so long to gradually change over the time and years. But twice as much difficult when a person who faces the reality of aging would also experience a life with Dementia.

A persistent mental disorder that causes the brain to dysfunction affecting a person’s life by a lot of personality changes, memory lapses and visual hallucinations, Dementia is something that has to be reckoned with.

It’s not easy to know that our loved ones whether friends, parents or grandparents who suffer from Dementia would find themselves sinking on many emotional battles that we could not even begin to understand and seeing them slowly losing the grasp on their mental state is both terrifying and unsettling in our part. 

How do we respond to their emotional needs? How do we appease their burdens and assure them that we deeply care about them? How do we reach out and emphasize our love and understanding even when they think they are downright unworthy of that?

Keeping a safe and calm environment without stressors is one way to address this. Most elderly patients with Dementia would show confusion to what is happening to them and this gives them further contradicting reactions to certain situations. We have to be sensitive to their feelings and be mindful of the choice of words we use when they are around. We have to give more patience no matter how hard it can be.

Apart from that, elderly family members suffering from Dementia must have a strong support system. Before or shortly after diagnosis, this support system would play a large role in ensuring the safety of the patient.

Financial Planning and Aged Care are two of the most important factors that would help immensely to prepare for the worse. These should not be set aside because doing so would be too risky for both the elderly and their immediate support system. If you want to know more about Financial Planning and Aged Care, we can help you. Talk to us so we can give you more knowledge on how to prepare ahead of time.

The author is an employee of Verante Financial Planning in Castle Hill, Corporate Authorised Representative of Magnitude Group Limited, Licence No 221557, Magnitude Group Limited ABN 54 086 266 202.