4 February 2019

Preventing Communication Roadblocks with our Elderly Loved Ones

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By Michael Rambaldini 

Director | Certified Financial Planner | Aged Care Professional

Every day when we interact with people, we sometimes struggle to communicate our thoughts, feelings and ideas. All we want is to be understood well enough and to convey what’s in our minds. But do you know that our Elderly family and friends are not exempt to this kind of struggle?

Communication is a way of life and is very indispensable to us in order to function. Lifestyles, habits and attitude would never form an individual’s holistic personality without the syntax of Communication. Therefore, it is imperative that we shed light on this area too so there will be no barriers whatsoever in communicating with the elderly or any elderly person in our circle.

How do we start?

Since our typical elderly members are now physically limited in their hearing, we may want to increase the volume of our voice and know when to emphasize words to better relay our message.

Some Elderly persons are hearing impaired and this becomes an entirely different challenge for us and for them too.

Open-ended questions prove to be more efficient when asking questions to our elderly. This makes them more interactive and participative in the exchange process. It allows them to expound on what they want to say and doesn’t just limit them to saying “Yes” or “No”.

Our elderly loved ones tend to be more emotional and sensitive and their moods can be instantly changing. This might prompt them to be distant and would try to avoid communicating to anyone. Keep in mind to be more patient with them and help them calm down. You can allow to play soft music to help them relax a bit before engaging a talk.

The goal is to keep them engaged into the conversation and make them feel like they are taking the lead.

Communication is a natural process and when our elderly loved ones enjoy taking part of it, then it gives them a sense of freedom to fully express who they are. Remember to make communication fun and positive so our Elderly loved ones will want to reveal the best version of themselves.

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